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The Excursions

 Syrena Cruises - Best Halong Bay Cruises
 Syrena Cruises - Best Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay Day Cruise

Visit the most famous sightseeing spots in magnificent Halong Bay, like Sung Sot Cave, while still have time to relax in the sun on the sun deck and enjoy sumptuous lunch onboard.

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Attractive Destinations

Sung Sot Grotto

Early French tourists who wandered among the 10,000 square meters of this cavern dubbed this space "Grotto des Surprises", or Surprise Cave. Sung Sot is situated right at the heart of the UNESCO-recognized World Heritage area.  

Hang Trong Anchorage

The Syrena Cruises anchors at Hang Trong.  Hang Trong, or Drum Cave, refers to a nearby cave that earned its name as a result of the sound made as the wind blows through its stalagmites and stalactites.

Titov Island

Titov Island was named after an illustrious visitor, Gherman Stepanovich Titov, who visited the spot on November 22, 1962 alongside President Ho Chi Minh. The Soviet astronaut was the second person to orbit the earth.

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