• Titov island

    About 14 kilometers to the east of Bai Chay tourist harbor .

    Ti Top island is regarded as one of the most attractive sites for both international and domestic tourists to Halong Bay.

    With total area of 3,7 hectares (0,037 km²).The island was named by the most respectful hero of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh, after the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov on the occasion of his first visit to Halong Bay in 1962.With a summit height at 110 meters (360 ft), the mountain on Ti Top island is taking about 450 steps to reach its peak.

    Titop island gains popularity not only for its mesmerizing beauty but also as a haven for a number of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, mountain climbing, and water sports.

  • Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave

    Bo Hon Island, Ha Long, Quang Ninh .

    Located on Bo Hon Island, which is known as in the center of the UNESCO-declared World Heritage area, Sung Sot Cave is one of the widest and most striking ones with the area of around 10,000 square meters and the length of more than 200 meters. The widest area inside the cave is about 80 meters. Sung Sot Cave is firstly explored by a group of French tourists. Being surprised by the magnificent beauty of the cave, these French tourists named the cave as "Grotte des surprises" – the cave of surprise. From that time, Sung Sot Cave is known as Surprising Cave or Amazing Cave. It become very popular tourist destination. It is present in most of the itineraries to visit Halong Bay and attracts domestic and foreign tourist. 

  • Ba Trai Dao Beach

    Lan Ha Bay .

    The islet on which the beaches are situated consist of 3 small hills. Legend has it that a fairy and a fisherman fell in love. In order for their love to be eternal, the fairy stole 3 peaches from the heavens. As punishment for this act of defiance, God turned the peaches to stone.

    Ba Trai Dao beach is really attractive with fine white sand, clear seawater as if you can see the bottom. Due to being located around the three mountains, the waves here are quite calm, wind-tight and safe. In some places the water is very shallow, reaching just the knees. This makes bathing on the beach or relaxing in the sand all the more enjoyable.

     In addition to swimming and sightseeing, many visitors come here for kayaking. The feeling of sailing through the waterways around the three rocky islands is really interesting.

  • Luon Tunnel Cave

    Ha Long Bay .

    Luon Cave is situated on Bo Hon Island, 14 km south of Bai Chay Beach to the south. In front of the cave is Con Rua Islet, and the Sky Gate is on the right. Luon Cave is about 60 meters long and 4 meters wide. Height of the ceiling ranges from 2.5 – 4 meters up on tidal level. Therefore, it only can be accessed by small boat or kayak. 

    Luon cave is a circular mountainous arc with a blue lake in the middle, and flows into the sea by a tunnel created by a spectacular and extremely mysterious cave. Through the beautiful entrance gate, tourists will meet a calm circular lake surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, craggy cliffs, shady ancient trees, and charming blooming orchids. It’s a brackish lake with calm and green sea water. Size of the lake is nearly 1 square kilometers. On the cliff are many fossilized freshwater snail shells proving that place used to be a deep freshwater valley. Especially, it’s highlighted with pristine setting of ferns, orchids and wild golden monkeys. And under the calm blue water surface is the vibrant life of the marine species such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid... 

    The perfect combination of lime-stone mountains and jade-green sea makes Luon Cave a unique site to visit on Halong Bay. Furthermore, Luon Cave is a preferred place of tourists for kayaking.


  • Quang Ninh Museum

    Tran Quoc Nghien street.Hong Ha ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province .

    Designed by Spanish architect Salavador Perez Arroyo, another must-visit in Halong is the Quang Ninh Museum. It is part of a collection of museums located in the Hong Gai ward in Halong City.

    Quang Ninh Museum is divided into three floors. Floor 1 creates a space to introduce some natural conditions of Quang Ninh; floor 2 is a designing space as symbol of a boat and floor 3 symbols some developing periods of coal exploitation.

    A visit to Quang Ninh Museum is well-recommended to anyone interested in the history and culture of the Quang Ninh province. It offers a unique glimpse into the development and history of the region and of the daily lives of its inhabitants over the centuries.

  • Halong Market

    Bach Dang, Ha Long, Quang Ninh .

    Ha Long Market is located in the center of Ha Long City. Beside it is a leading wholesale market of the province, which is an interesting place for sightseeing and shopping for tourists whenever coming to Quang Ninh.

    Ha Long Market is a place where tourists can discover not only the bustling lifestyle but also the fresh seafood. Come to Ha Long 1 Market, tourists can easily buy shrimp, crabs, fish, cuttlefish, crabs, dried sipuncula...There are many kinds of fresh seafood are sold here. Also There is the paradise for food addicts, especially snacks, street foods.